Greenwich Baptist Church
Sunday, May 31, 2020
A Devotion to Christ...A Difference in the World

Pentecost Sunday

Sunday May 31st, 2020
 Pentecost Sunday - the day we commemorate the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the believers gathered in Jerusalem. You're invited to join us this Sunday as we consider the role of the Holy Spirit in the 1st century church and the 21st century church.

Strength for the Weary

Sunday May 24th, 2020
There are a lot of people who have grown weary over the past two months - maybe you're one of them. If so, God has some good news for you. He's got the strength you need to keep going.

Unanswerable Prayer

Sunday May 17th, 2020
All of us have struggled with the disappointment of unanswered prayer. Sometimes we may even wonder if praying makes any difference. This Sunday in my message I want to deal with a category of unanswered prayer that I have called "unanswerable" prayer. These are prayers that God doesn't answer because we fail to meet the conditions He has laid out. Hope you will join us online as we explore the difference between unanswered prayer and unanswerable prayer.

Contagious Hope

Sunday May 10th, 2020
Because the Coronavirus is so contagious, extreme measures have been taken to control its spread. From schools, businesses and churches being closed, to sheltering at home, to wearing face masks in public, our lives have been dramatically altered. But as we try and stop the spread of the virus, God call His followers to spread His hope! Join us this Sunday as we consider how to make our hope in Jesus Christ contagious so that others will be infected and changed forever.

Follow the Leader

Sunday May 3rd, 2020
Although many people claim to be followers of Jesus, what does it really mean to follow Him? In the passage that we will be looking at this Sunday we will learn from Jesus' encounter with the Apostle Peter what following Jesus meant for Peter in the 1st century and what it means for us in the 21st century

The Rest of the Story

Sunday April 26th, 2020
One of the greatest failures in the life of the Apostle Peter was His denial of Jesus. Fortunately for Peter, Jesus didn't define him by his failure. Join us this Sunday and see the "Rest of the Story" concerning Peter and how the same grace that Jesus extended to Peter is offered to all of us as well.

Believing Thomas

Sunday April 19th, 2020
Although the Apostle Thomas is commonly known as "Doubting Thomas," "Believing Thomas" would be a more accurate term to describe him. Join us and see how you can overcome doubts you may have about your faith by following Thomas journey from doubt to belief.

The "Peace" of Easter

Sunday April 12th, 2020
Peace isn't a word that would describe what many people are feeling this year as we approach Easter Sunday. It wasn't a word that described what the Apostles felt that first Easter either. But Jesus passed through their locked door and said, "Peace Be With You." Join us online this Sunday at 11:15 AM and see how God can pass through some of the locked doors in your life that may be keeping you from entering into His peace.

It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming

Friday April 10th, 2020
Although the Bible doesn't tell us what the early followers of Jesus were feeling the Saturday between His crucifixion and resurrection, no doubt they were struggling.   Watch our Good Friday online service and see how we can get through the current "Saturday" season of confusion by remembering what happened on Sunday morning.

King for a Day?

 Sunday April 5th, 2020
When Jesus entered Jerusalem on his way to the cross, seemingly everyone was hailing Him as the Messiah - the King! But their acknowledgment of Him as King was short-lived. I invite you to join us this Palm Sunday and see what it means to acknowledge Jesus as King, not for a day, but for a lifetime.

PPP - Personal Protective Promises

Sunday March 29th, 2020
An acronym that we've come to learn during this time of crisis is PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. These are the supplies that people need, especially health care workers, to keep the from being infected with the Coronavirus. This Sunday I am going to share a message from Psalm 23 that I've entitled, "PPP - Personal Protective Promises." Hope you can join us online this Sunday as we see from this familiar Psalm how God's PPP's, His Personal Protective Promises, can keep us from being infected with the Fearvirus.

Fear, Foolishness or Faith - the Choice is Ours

Sunday March 22nd 2020
All of us have been affected in some way by the Coronavirus and how it has impacted our nation. Although it's something that none of us would ever choose to experience, nor can we choose how far reaching it's affects will be, as followers of Christ, we can choose how we will react. I hope you'll take time to listen to this Sunday's message and see that God's desire is not that we fear, or that we be foolish, but that we have faith Join us as we see from God's Word how we can exercise faith in these turbulent times.